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Hebron, Ohio -

Hebron is the hometown of Air Management Heating and Cooling LLC. Hebron is a village in Licking County, Ohio, United States. The population was 2,336 at the 2010 census. Hebron, the sixth town laid out in Licking County, is located on Route #40, the "Old National Trail" an extension, in 1834, of the historic Zane Trace.

Laid out in 1827 by John Smith, it became an important link in the Ohio Canal System. This sometimes raucous canal town, with it's tanneries, sawmills, warehouses and distilleries was for a time a busy market place, and was known to pioneers of the day as a center of agriculture and industry. It became in reality "Hebron—Historic Crossroads of Ohio", today's slogan for the Village of Hebron.

The completion of the National Trail brought on another era, in which stagecoaches, prairie schooners bound for fabled west, and riders on horseback, all came through Hebron, sometimes to spend a night at the Inn, one of which later became known as the Myers Hotel.

Years of decline came at the turn of the century, when a disastrous fire destroyed most of the business district, bankrupting many villagers.

The coming of the Ohio Electric "Interurban Cars" in the early 1900's brought prosperity to the community for over 30 years, but with their passing the town fell back to lethargy.In 1935, negotiations for the water system began, and pumping to 84 customers started in 1937. Legislation for sewers and enlarged water facilities began in 1952, becoming operative in 1964. The system was enlarged again in 1983 and 1989 to serve well over 700 users.

The Village is governed by a Mayor and Council. Village Administrators operate the Public Works, Water and Water Reclamation Departments. Protection services for the community are provided by local police, an emergency squad, and a long established Fire Department. The community is served daily by the Newark Advocate, and weekly by the Buckeye Lake Shopper and the Buckeye Lake Beacon.

Now Hebron, in the last quarter of the twentieth century, is well on the way to a secure future with several large firms within Hebron, and a population of approximately 2000. Strategic location, adequate water and sewer services, churches, schools, library, banking and shopping facilities, are all proving attractive to large corporate occupants of the Newark Industrial and Mid-Ohio Parks to the north. Access to Interstate 70, the arterial freeway destined to carry traffic coast to coast, "without a traffic light" is another major location asset.

Our country's Bicentennial year 1976 brought the development of Canal Park in the center of the village, and the development of the Canal Park complex has been completed with two lighted softball fields, picnic shelters, a gazebo and a playground. Since that time a new park area has begun to be developed through grants from ODNR due to the beautiful wetland is Evans Park now having three little league fields, one Baseball field, football fields, soccer, Family picnic and Playground area, Jogging/Walking Trail, dirt bike track and Basketball Courts.

Active organizations in Hebron include the Mutual and Civic Improvement Club, the Hebron Business Association, the Lion's Club, the American Legion and Auxiliary, Hebron Historical Society, Boy & Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Masonic Lodge, and Fifty Five Club for senior citizens.