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Ostrander, Ohio -

Ostrander is a growing area in central Ohio with a population of 643, up from 405 in 2000. The village was founded in 1852 as a direct result of the CCC & I Railroad running through the area from Springfield to Delaware and eventually on to Mansfield. The original village was laid out by I.C. Buck into 104 lots and thus named Ostrander, after Shelemiah R. Ostrander, a civil engineer for the railroad. Then village was incorporated in 1875.

In 1925 a fire started in a restaurant on Main Street in the main square of town and spread through the entire block, completely destroying it except for the livery stable on the southwest corner. The block was partially rebuilt over the next couple years and looked much as it does now. In 1948, the landscape of the village was altered significantly when the Ostrander Farmers Exchange erected the towering concrete silo for grain storage and in 1954, a new town office and fire house were built. A new library was built in 1990 and a new fire house servicing Scioto Township and Ostrander was erected in 2003.